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1 4月

Interesting, interesting, very interesting.

When the 2011 Tohoku earthquak and tunamie happened, there were a lot of media groups that shared the horrible sights, same scenes of the big wave coming were shown on TV and the Internet over and over.


Sometimes, they are so helpful for us to know about the world what’s go on, what’s news, give us to sights what happened there.
In particular, people who were in Sendai, as the Japanese Federation of the Deaf‘ website exhibits each Deaf people’ experience in Tohoku, at the time, what the experienced, what they see. (Sorry, it is in Japanese)

For Deaf/ hard of hearing people, an earthquake is a really terrible calamity because most of us rely on Internet as Technology is developed.  Today, we use all sorts of technological devices to connect with people: ipad, blackberry, computer, and Internet!  So being lost from Internet is like we are put in a land with no access to others and are isolated.

Second, most emergency news are without Captions, even those who are interpreted in sign language, there is a small bubble at the corner of the screen which may be difficult to view clearly.  Many people say it is not accessible for the Deaf.

We, as Deaf people, are always connected for others because of our particular common character, sign language.

Our DeafHood(ろう者であること) appears in other ways that most of us don’t expect.


Increasing the number of V-log after the earthquake in Tohoku


Specifically DNN(Deaf Net News) which was started by Ezoe (you may follow him at @stsezoe)whom established this channel, for the purpose to give more access to the content of Japanese news regarding emergency news, the DNN channel is the most successful as increasing staffs, genre of news, and the number total click arose 1.213.876, and channel follower is 485 (the present, March 31, 2012).

As the “about DNN” describes on YouTube, the News regarding earthquake in Japanese Sign Language, how beautiful that growth of networks by the Japanese Deaf People who stand for their big D! Because of that’s what we want to.  We want to be accessible.

That’s our choice and that’s why DNN grow.

Yano,  one of the Japanese Deaf leaders, says, “DNN contributes to the Japanese Deaf Community.  It is great for us to know what’s happening.”

About DNN by Mr. Yano






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