Monday-San! The Popular Japanese Deaf V-log: “FAST-SLOW signs for BASE BALL”

2 4月

Monday-San! In Japanese, it is voiced as Getsuyo-Otoko(Writing:月曜男)

The nickname was given when Kozo Morizaki(50) made frequent visits to the Deaf and Hard of hearing Information Center in Shizuoka during the Deaf Expo(ろうあ者大会) in 2008. Monday was his off-day, every Monday, he came to make his V-log.

Kozo Morizaki, just had his birthday,  is a profoundly deaf man.  He has four members on his family: his wife, son, dauther, a dog named Happy, and a cat named Boku-Cyan.  He also run his own hair salon called Cut in Kozo.

[It was his talent, when, every time he talks, everyone will laugh] the title was decorated in the article when Kozo Morizaki had interviewed in 2008 via Mainichi Newspaper Corp. (毎日新聞社)

Mr. Kato, the chair of the Deaf and Hard of hearing Information Center in Shizuoka scouted him for his talent as to be face of his website, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Information Center in Shizuoka because of his ability to bring people around.  And this is one episode which describes particularly his particular ability.

It was about the same time when Mr. Morizaki started to upload his weekly Video-log, when Mr, Kato asked him about a weekly V-log on the website.

“It has been six years. Uploading my video, and check out make sure my sign video is at right place on the site.  It was my most pleasure.   If it made people laugh it is MORE.  That’s why I could”

was said by Kozo Morizaki, who helped to pull up the number of access, 30.000 since the website called Shizuoka information Center for the deaf started , 2006.  The website recorded more than thirty thousand click in 2 years.
His signs, facial representation, and mime were very clear for everyone, even one don’t know signs.  That’s why everyone like him.

What a cute, how so pretty cute how he describes the register of adjective, Fast-Normal-Slow, with several familiar sights at the baseball stadium!

Here are hints for you!

In the below, how much signs did you catch from the Video-log?

a pitcher/a ball/
throw-ball-normal-mode/ throw-ball-very-slow-mode/throw-ball-fast/ throw-ball-VERY-fast

a batter
Theme: “FAST and SLOW”

His dream is one day giving his comedy tour all around in Japan 🙂



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