Japanee Sign Language in Anime [Japan]

11 4月

Have you heard of Hatsune Miku? if so how about Sora? (天羽)

GOOD-AFTERNOON in Japanese Sign Language!
Two hands in the screen moving with each other, and the pretty girl named Sora is bowing to share the Japanese greeting.

Sora is a lovely character of Syuwa-No-Mori(Online in English), by Nintendo, the production was sold in 2009; but production was made by ISAO and star fish corp.

When you look at the movie, of course, the first thing you noticed were the two heads moving toward each other (The Japanese greeting), and hands moving in the air.

In the movie, the below dialogue were as follows:

Sora: My name is Sora. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?

Usausa: My name is Usausa

As many reviews of the production mention, “Anime’s sign doesn’t look like actual signing (such as lack of NMN/facial expressions), but is a good tool for us to learn”

The game, Syuwa-No-Mori, was created for the purpose of a communication software.
For the beginning signer, this software is wonderful because when you turn on the Nintendo DS, you will see the Forest of Sign Language.

The Forest of Sign Language is where you may learn new signs such as GOOD MORNING or GOOD-NIGHT among others.

The Cave of Sign Language is where you do pop-quiz for Japanese Sign Language.

Also, the game teaches emergency signs (like for earthquake) and shares stories in JSL.

In my opinion, Sora is too pretty to be a JSL teacher 🙂




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