Cinematic ASL by Andrew: Deaf Ninja

12 4月
My message to the Japanese Deaf people: All of us (deaf, hearing, hard-of-hearing, hearing) are part of the “Global Sign Language Community”. If we work together, then our community is powerful! Do not be distracted by ability, or non-ability, to hear. Our true identity comes from our shared love of Sign Language. JSL Power!

In Japanese Version: Click here

It was 5 years ago when the“Deaf NINJA” [ろう忍者]!” started to get some attention.

His movie “Deaf Ninja” is one of the most loved ASL stories as the number of total clicks, 827.652 (2012, April) describes how popular it is.

When answering the question, “How did I start?”… “Why not YouTube?” someone told Austin while he was giving a NIC workshop for American Sign Language interpreters.

“I am hearing. But my parents are deaf”

As a grown person whom stand for himself with his native languages (English and ASL), he started to recognize the power of it language. As with his working history, it tells us his passion is for the language of American Sign Language.

As a blogger, Awti producer, and formerly working with several VRS providers, Austin says

For us, ASL community, we are united by sign language.

(Yeah, it is true most of time, and for most of us! That’s why I’m sitting here and writing this to share a wonderful story!)

“To unify the Global Sign Language Community”.

Currently, Austin runs his blog, and anyone may watch his performance when you visit.

Q: What’s the most motivation or goal for your production?

Austin’s  main goal for his ASL stories is shared with us

”Cinematic ASL” 「映画的な手話を」
This means using ASL in a specific way that looks like a movie, and he said

I have many friends who share information about Japanese culture with me. Japanese culture (movies, stories, anime) is filled with emotion and action, which makes it perfect for “cinematic ASL”!

Cinematic ASL


About Cinematic ASL, go to visit his channel 🙂



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