Visiting the Hong Kong Association of Deaf

23 6月

This movie is from when I visited Hong Kong.
My visit of Hong Kong was very short; however, what I saw and what I learned there was an extensive taste of multicultural essences that I could not forget.

The Hong Kong Association of Deaf is the center for Hong Kong Deaf people.
People come to stop by the office for conversations, to get involved with activities, and to ask help finding jobs, etc,,.

When I entered the office, a few senior women were sitting down on a sofa and having conversations, in the middle of the afternoon.
I told them “GOOD-AFTERNOON” in Hong Kong Sign Language, and they bowed back.
But they didn’t ask what I was doing here or who I was.

They might be too shy to do so.

Terry is one of the workers at the Hong Kong Association of Deaf.
He helped me to make the clip.
I’m really thankful to Terry, and Jenny Lam who guided me and who I had a fun time with as my new friend.

They are also open for visitors 🙂 so please feel free to contact the office 🙂



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